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Changes of the week

Everything mentioned below should work with the latest nightly available at the moment (35657).

CSS Animations implementation (35545, 35568, 35580, 35646)

CSS Animation is a work in progress spec written by Apple. Like its mate, CSS Transition, it allows animated effects in CSS. When transitions are just effects computed when a property is changed, animations are called explicitly to trigger a value change. There's a keyframe system to have a precise control of the animation flow. See how it works with the different examples.

Quick edition for numeric values (35561)

For CSS properties accepting numeric values, it is now possible to increase or decrease them with the keyboard. Remember the handy shortcuts changing the amount : with Alt, we jump by 0.1, with Shift or Page Up by 10, with Shift and Page Up by 100.

Profiler's Heavy view (35625)

OK, it's not an amazing novelty but it's a reason to talk about the new profiler. It allows you to get detailed information about the execution time of your JavaScript. Comparing to Firebug, results are displayed as a tree so you can look closer. Two views are available, Tree or Heavy, each one is interesting for different purposes. It's also possible to reduce noise by filtering the results to focus on some code. It reacts to console.profile and console.profileEnd, like Firebug.

Squirrelfish engine improvements (35593, 35639)

This engine was announced two months ago and since, it's always improved. I can't explain what they are doing but the figures speak for themselves : 2.6% and 2.5% progression for the SunSpider test

This is everything for this week. Of course, this is just a selection I've made. If you've noticed any other interesting changes, please let me know. Same thing if I got something wrong.