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After a few weeks off, let's get back with webkit news. By the way, the english versions are now aggregated on Planet Webkit.

Changes of the week

Everything mentioned below should work with the latest nightly available at the moment (36135).

DOM properties and local variables editing (35835)

Double clicking a property in the sidabar of Elements or Scripts panels now allows you to change the value of this property. You can even enter JavaScript as shown in this screenshot. DOM editing

console.count support (35842)

Still a Firebug compatibilty stuff. This method allows you to count how many times a specific code has been called.

Editable Metrics tab (35876)

Like Firebug, it is now possible to edit dimensions, padding, borders, margins and position of a box. Metrics editing

Canvas Text support (36060)

Canvas, the element allowing you to draw in 2D now has an API to draw text. You can use the two tests to learn it.

Chrome consequences

Obviously, you haven't missed Google's announcement this week. A new browser using WebKit. And the two projects are working together as you can see with the following commits.

  • 36074 New constants for Skia, V8 and Chromium.
  • 36095 V8 benchmarks are integrated into WebKit.
  • 36097 Little anecdote, some Google developers gave patches under fake names to stay under the radar before the announcement.

This is everything for this week. Of course, this is just a selection I've made. If you've noticed any other interesting changes, please let me know. Same thing if I got something wrong.