My girlfriend and I decided to move to London1. We’re both looking for jobs.


Shannon is looking for an Office Management or Executive Assistant position. She has managed offices all over Europe, was the lead manager for a global travel program and has experience organising events. She knows that engineering teams are snowflakes (through work and dating me). Anyone who has met Shannon will know that she prides herself on being super organised and helpful. I think she is terrific, but if you need any more convincing you can find out more and contact her via her LinkedIn profile.


I’m a senior software engineer and have 10 years of experience in web products. What’s important in my next role:

  • I like having a long term engagement in a problem.
  • Through iterations, I like improving and simplifying systems. Only crunching new features is not very satisfying for me. I like finding abstractions that click and making it easier to contribute features in the future.
  • Autonomous teams. When we have engineers, designers, product managers, and any other skill needed to ship that particular product, we can move quickly in the right direction and everyone feels empowered.
  • Being part of a diverse team.
  • Learning and teaching. I enjoy sharing my experiences and learning from others. That includes hard and soft skills.

If you think your company could be a good match, take a look at my CV (or LinkedIn profile) and get in touch.

  1. Yes, we've heard of Brexit.